Single frame animation created for the show N I G H T M A R E S curated by I Z Z I E   K L I N G L E S  at the Vermillion Gallery in Seattle WA in 2012.




open the door while the train is running 

full speed

let your hair get tangled 

stupid by the wind

cold on your face

your eyes are getting bigger 

pupils like saucers 

and you lean over the steep steps

look at your feet 

and the ground runs away under the wheels

it could be how the story goes

segment of a circled moment

the sweet letting go 

like jumping in the ice cold pool 

when you were back home




belly up

my salvation came 

through the dealings of a gipsy man 

he rode a white vespa

gave me a piece of paper 

sweet benediction 

then smiled back at me

black hair crooked teeth

he stood still watch till dawn



I ran around with the others

light fun pink hair disco club

I walked on my tip-toes so i wouldn't wake up

bright clean fun 

i went along with it

like all good little girls do

my grandma told me so

but my eyes were all wrong

six toes on my feet

I looked down at the pit of my stomach

it was tight

a spasm 

dark like a cave 

I held a bottle in my hand ready to smash it

smash it

and so i did

hair on my face

fur on my skin

my voice is a howling of beasts and the wind

hey gipsy man! you didn’t warn me that once I jumped 

i would never come up

i let go of the railings 

10feet underwater

you took my last breath 

and I took yours