Conny Prantera is a freelance illustrator and multimedial artist, currently living in London, United Kingdom. 

Conny Prantera is a regular contributor to iconic fashion brands Aries and Stella McCartney and her illustrations have been published by Wired, I want You Magazine and A Strange Attractor.

Alongside her illustrator activity, her work has expanded into the field of live performance, exploring the use of video projection, live music, costume and set design.

Conny Prantera’s installations have been hosted by an array of music festivals and art galleries, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum (London, U.K.), Supersonic Festival (Birmingham, U.K.) and Vermillion Gallery (Seattle, WA, U.S.A.).

Her video work has also seen application in Theatre, through her collaboration with Cristiana Morganti, soloist dancer at the Pina Baush Tanztheater, on her acclaimed choreography titled Jessica And Me, winner of the Danza&Danza Award 2014.

Conny Prantera is currently developing a new video installation and performance piece on the mythical  figure of the Seeress, in collaboration with sculptor Eliza Bennett and musicians Agathe Max, Lani Rocillo and Rebecca Horrox.